January 2013
January 30, 2102 was our latest chapter social event.  Members met at Security Engineers, our event sponsor, and participated in an hour or so of friendly competition at their indoor firing range.  Members of all skill levels participated in the event, and we closed with a friendly competition of precision shooting on some novelty targets supplied by Chapter Treasurer Yvete Ysasaga.  We have a few suggestions for future target games, please let a chapter officer know if you have any suggestions as well.
We then regrouped to the Rogue Tavern where some additional members and guests awaited and attempted to filter the truth among the rantings of those present. 
We'd like to gather for these informal "events" more often, hopefully on a monthly basis, so please feel free to suggest a time and locations, even with little notice and we'll see if we can beceom more of a friendly bunch. 
Here are some pics from this month's event, click on them for the full size gallery:

July 2012

July 2012
On July 11, 2012 our chapter held our first evening social gathering in quite some time. 
Members met at the headquarters of Security Engineers after work where we were honored to be allowed to use their indoor state of the art shooting range.
We had no formal agenda, so we spent an hour or so becoming familiar with the range; some of us needed the time to become familiar with shooting after a long break!  We also used this time to admire the range and a few interesting handguns provided by some of the attendees.  Among the turnout were backup revolvers (Dennis and his Model 37?), an assortment of 9mm/40Cal/45Cal semi autos (Glocks, Springfield XDs, Sigs,1911s, etc) and even a few oddballs such as a Walther .22 and a Taurus Judge (everyone was given the opportunity to try this behemoth; .410/.41 special if I recall.  Packs quite a wallop, and buckshot makes a nice spread at 7 yards.....)
Without singling out anyone, it is clear that having a range in the basement of your office does wonders for your shooting skills.
We also saw our Chapter Chair Alise take her fist shot with a pistol.  While she declined to learn on the Taurus Judge, she was able to master the range quite admirably.
We then conducted an informal competition, using a modification of the state qualification course, shooting about 40 rounds.  Naturally a tiebreaker was needed, so we used a simple 5 shot group, smallest group winning.  I am sure if all of us had a range in the office we would shoot so well……
We then relocated, without the firearms, to Old Car Heaven just a mile or so away.  Old Car Heaven is an interesting local venue, offering a bar, live music on many nights, and event space for any occasion.  They also are home to an unbelievable collection of vintage automobiles.  Of course, following a guided tour of the collection, the conversation became quite entertaining, but one decision was made; we will attempt to hold additional events like this regularly.

Many thanks to the sponsors of this event:

Security Engineers; for use of their fine facility and allowing us to purchase ammo if needed
Old Car Heaven, for hosting our gathering and providing the tour
ASIS Chapter 037 Birmingham, for providing drinks and coordinating the event.

We are thinking of holding a similar event in August or September, again it will be open to any chapter members, and will remain no cost (other than what you choose to bring for ammunition, or adult beverages you purchase later).  John Hassard has suggested a .22 rifle session, with an informal competition ideal for the indoor range, so please keep that in mind, especially if you have not participated in such a session.

On to the pictures;

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